Do you like to always feel that later generations are free?

Or are you only interested in the full range of music?

We have prepared a top list of the most awesome music festivals in the United States for you! This event will show you the power of music.

Lola Palosa

Lola Palosa was held in Chicago’s Grant Park in the summer.

This year, Lolla celebrates its 25th anniversary, and the founders are preparing fans for a special and huge event. First, led by Red Pepper, Radio Head, Major Lazer, Lana Del Rey, G-Eazy, Ellie Goulding, M83, Disclosure, Halsey and tens of thousands of well-known and favorite artists. In addition, the festival will go for four days, not the three days of the old year. Lola Palosa is a cocktail of music, dance, drama and handicraft fair. This kind of music is varied-heavy metal, rock crash, hip-hop. Lola Palosa has discovered celebrities such as killers, red peppers, machines, and green sun.

Want to have the best weekend in your life? Catch your friends and go to the festival! Continue to dance and sing your heart. Relax on the grass. Spend time eating snacks. Come on. Go to the party and rock hard! Music is our DNA.

Burning man

Imagine: a city in the desert; a culture of possibility; a dreamer with a life-like network. The burning person does not seem to be real. It mixes all the non-formal things in the world: art, people, places, music, shirts, etc. If you don’t know how, you don’t know what it is. This festival creates a unique world in the nowhere places in the Black Rock Desert. You need to bring all you need to survive: sleeping place, water, food. DJ spins music day by day, all night, the artist put their installation, and everything eventually burned a few huge wood figures just after sunset on Saturday and Sunday. It’s only a passing experience, and the audience is not allowed to participate in this festival. Everyone should show their creativity: art installations, body art, unusual shirts, etc. There are no rules and restrictions for festival spaces. You can sit where you want to sit, you can do what you want, but everything you do should be active, contribute part of your soul, and create the atmosphere of tribal life and ancient culture in a modern form. It is to cure your problems out of the world, change your teachings, save love and peace, and make you a child of nature.

If you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in this esoteric world, don’t you just pass by. You will feel the essence of life. You will feel the universe inside you.


The main reason for visiting Seattle is the Bamberg Short Festival held in the city center in September of each year. It is a species in this region, and it can be considered stable because its popularity will only increase over time. This event not only highlights local and world-renowned celebrities, such as McLemore and Ryan Levi’s, Death Taxi Proud, KYGO. The program includes film photography, dance, drama, genius and creative work. People supervised their families, because they expanded their views of the world, enriched their inner world, tasted the dishes prepared by restaurants of all sizes, and enjoyed the beauty of life. Develop yourself from all directions. Spend a family holiday in Bombershot!


One week before the New Year, the streets of American cities will be filled with tribal songs and wild and mysterious exotic drum rhythms in Africa. The culture of the black continent entered the American continent along with African slaves. People carefully keep memories of their ancestral home. On New Year’s Eve, African Americans celebrate Kwanzaa (from the Swahili word ómatunda ya Kwanzawi means the first fruit of production), designed to remind them of their traditional and cultural patterns. One of the biggest events of this kind, the capital Kwanzaa, is usually held in the suburbs of Richmond, Virginia. The celebration usually starts with the family circle. In the evening, all members gathered in African national costumes for dinner together. There is an altar on the dining table with candles, fruits and other symbols of production. I will be one by one project. In addition, Qu Zhongzhong organized folk music and dance concerts, memorial services, ruins, and education and outreach activities. Let’s visit Kwanzaa! Incorporating the ancient African culture, you will be amazed by the richness of our world!