When Metallica’s Lars Ulrich drummer put an advertisement in “Recycler”, a Los Angeles classified newspaper said: “Dramer is looking for other metal musicians, and Pan Tang’s Tagus, diamond head…

When the Lars Ulrich drummer of Metallica placed an advertisement for a Los Angeles classified newspaper in “Recycler”, the newspaper said: Drummer was looking for other metal musicians and jammed with Pan Tang, Diamond Head and Iron Lady’s Tagus. Leather Charm and James Hertfield’s response to the deal with his guitar. Lars Ulrich asked Brian Slagel, founder of Metal Blade Records, if he could record a song for the upcoming “Metal Massacre”, although the heavy metal band has not yet formed a band. Brian Slager accepted the proposal, and Lars Ulrich recruited James Hertfield to sing along with the rhythm guitar.

Metallica Biography and Life Story

Lars Ulrich talked to his friend Jintana, who was thinking about a fan’s name. Ron Quintana had suggested the famous metal and metal mania. Lars Ulrich decided to use Metallica as a heavy metal band. Ulrich submitted a second advertisement for the chief guitarist in “Recycler Classification”. James Hertfield and Lars Ulrich recruited Dave Mustan after answering the advertisement in “The Recycler” because of how expensive his equipment is. At the beginning of 82, Metallica was the compilation of the first original song. The Metal Holocaust is called [Hit Lamp]. James Hertfield played bass guitar on the song Lloyd Grant and played solo guitar on this song. The early version of “Metal Holocaust” that attacked the store on June 14, 1982 incorrectly described the heavy metal band as “Mettallica”. Metallica’s mistakes annoyed him.

The band made enough sensation with this song. Metallica performed the first live concert with bass player Ron McGovney on March 14, 1982 in Radio City, Anaheim, California. In early 82, the band Metallica recorded its first demo called “Power Metal”, which came from Ron Quintana and the name came from his early business card. Lars and James lived in a club called “Whiskey One Go” in West Hollywood to participate in a live concert on Sunset Boulevard, the band “Trauma” is performing at a high level, and the Cliff Burton Bass band performance tight. Ulrich and Hertfield were blown away by Cliff Burton using the Warwa pedal, and he asked Burton to join the metal band.

Since McGovney was only a follow-up and did not contribute to the band, Lars and James hoped to leave the band. Cliff Burton did not accept the proposal to join Metallica’s band, but at the end of the year Burton, if Metallica moved the band to San Francisco, he would accept the proposal. In March 1983, in a club called “Stone”, with Cliff Burton in Metallica’s first live Metallica concert, the first demo song recording called Megaforce will be the first performance of the band Metallica .

Metallica’s James Hetfield

The band Metallica is ready to record its first album, but the label metal blade does not have extra funds to pay for the album, so Metallica started looking for other options. Johnny listened to the 1982 concert promoter’s presentation and showed no life until the leather, and proposed to deal with the band Metallica and the New York City-based record company.

When the record company was interested in Metallica, Johnny Z. borrowed money, so that he could pay the record budget to make a record, make his own record company, and then sign the band Metallica under Megaforce Records. After Metallica’s band kicked out of Mustaine, there were alcohol and drug problems, and Mustaine was a violent person. Kirk Hammet guitarist took the plane the same day as the band Exodus to replace Mudan. On April 16, 1983, Kirk Hammett held the first live concert with Kirk Hammett at the Dover, New Jersey Computer Technology Company as a performance venue. …