As a group interested in music education, we are putting the label on the music promotion, which hurts our own efforts? However, only those who are already enthusiastic about the value of music education are really Support your efforts. Although wandering about music propaganda has its place in the circle of music supporters, it is a distortion in the general society.

Legal Issues Involved in the Music Industry

The word, “advocacy,” means helping the weak. It will divide a sympathetic effort towards some worthwhile salvation. Think about this word, wandering the children’s advocates. What do you think? You need to pull the visual image of the heartstrings you give, right? We want to do more, but want to do more for it, but only a few emotions evoke sympathy. Think about all the phrases that contain the word “promote” or “promote”, what is your immediate emotion? What a pity? Charity? Sympathy? Empathy? Left-wing? Justice? Eager to fight for this cause?

What kind of feeling do we have? It shows the need to fight for the unarmed, vulnerable, and in need. Put on gloves for defense? So the one who is closest to the weak. So the person with deep compassion and emotion is connected with the victim. How does Qu哋 fight for the victims? Qu’s efforts to make the world pay attention to this issue. Through text and images, guilty people give graphic images. Those who are most enthusiastic about unarmed work tirelessly, trying many ways to reach the masses, but only won a few.

Music is not about the weak in reality, it is only about the education system and lacks funds. When we strive to improve our perception and financial support, we undermine the mission of Zhongda, which respects and admires. Music doesn’t have to be sympathetic, but to appreciate and pursue greatness. What if we turn sympathy into admiration?
People like winners. People like champions. People want to be members of the winning team. It motivates Qu Zao to realize his dreams, and admire him to be a successful person. For example, I am not a lot of sports fans, but when the local high school team started to advance to the state playoffs, I was with other places in the town. Everyone likes the winner. Sounds familiar with me?

Key Issues in Music Industry

And the family considers a contrasting figure Sean Johnson. Have you heard of her? A late-born girl from Iowa had a dream. With the support of the family and the coach, Shawn focused on the gold medal and enthusiastically dedicated her time, energy, and talents to achieving excellence. Sean won the same gold and silver medals at the 2008 China Olympics, but it did not stop.

Prior to the Olympic season, only the people who met in the gymnastics circle knew Sean Johnson. Similar to only those people in the music industry, I know the benefits of music teaching in one’s life. Sean Johnson is not a sympathetic picture. No one is a martyr of Sean Johnson. No one needs or even wants to be. Sean Johnson is a girl who dreams of a plan of action. He has a small family support team and a coach. Sean Enn recruited for the propaganda group to help Laqu and represent her case. She doesn’t think she is weak. We can make one.

Does she spend a certain percentage of her time getting sympathy votes and support groups? No. When she put her heart into work, she started to excel, and when she started to win, the whole world shouted out to see her. It’s hard to understand Confident success stories, take it as our pride in the United States. All of them admire Sean’s dedication and proudly claim that you are the representative of the pursuit of excellence in craftsmanship. For Sean Johnson, it’s gymnastics. For us, it’s music. Millions of children participate in gymnastics, but only because the world wants to be outstanding. Many people participate in music, but only incredible musicians attract the attention of the world.

The vast majority of American citizens never participate in, watch, or participate in gymnastics competitions, but in the summer of 2008, all Americans looked at Sean, hoping that she would win and celebrate her victory. Gu Shawn Johnson and you will find essays and video clips from all over the world. The fan club is already on the same website. Everything comes from a girl in a dream. She took the necessary actions and it happened.
People like winners. People want to be separated from the winning team. People attract and seek winners. Qu Qi wants to be part of a dream.