There are many vintage and antique music boxes and music collector items that the game box and antique collector can search for. These include wooden jewelry boxes, inlaid music boxes, wooden memory boxes and disc music boxes. The top three music boxes are symphonion, polyphon and Regina music box.


Symphonion music boxes were made in Germany from 1886. Paul Lochmann, founder of Kuhro-Lochmann was the first manufacturer of record music boxes. The symphony was produced in many sizes, types and styles. Some of the more popular items in the 1890s were bells with turntables, “Rocco” with three plates, Erocia, which was in an attractive wooden box, and “Gambrinus” which was a coin-operated machine made in the shape of a barrel.

Since many collectors consider the tone of symphonion music boxes to be superior to the polyphonic music boxes, finding a music box like this will be a real treat for the music box and antique collector.


Established by Gustave Brachhausen in 1897, the Polyphon Company created a series of strong interchangeable music boxes and musical objects such as coin-operated clocks equipped with record movements and the polyphonic concerto. The polyphonic concerto was like a record orchestra, playing piano, bass drum, snare drum and carillon. In recent years, the company also made a very rare “foldable” table box as well as the coffin model, which included paper rolls. Discovering the rare “foldable” table box would be a wonderful find for the music box and antique collector, as well as a great resource for any collection.


Many music box and antique collectors consider the Regina music box to be the best sound.

The company was established in 1892 when Polyphon founder Gustave Brachhausen went to the United States to found the Regina Music Box Company in New Jersey. Some interesting music boxes and musical objects made by Regina before its death in 1922 included a hand-powered vacuum cleaner and the record orchestras that played piano, pipe bells, drums and triangle. In addition, the company came out with Reginaphone, which had a turntable, and horns that could be removed as well as a phonograph arm that could be turned into a den. This made it possible to use it as a regular music box.

For the music box and antique collector who is interested in collecting antique and vintage music boxes, the symphonion, polyphonic and Regina music boxes will be good additions to any collection. Why not add them to your current collection of embedded music boxes, musical jewelry boxes, wooden jewelry boxes and wooden memory boxes today?